Here is the plot of re written Re-Animated (Also known as Toonified) so far: 

"Toonified (Rewrite of Re-Animated) (Working Title) 

Sarah Kneeland is not a fan of cartoons from any country. To her, they just seem to be something for kids to be babysat by and she claims that she is too old to watch them. When it comes to TV shows and movies, she seems to prefer it when there are actual people on screen since it seems to make the situation that the characters are in more believable. She also believes that live action entertainment has more thought, focus, and effort thrown in than anything that has been animated. Because of this, she becomes frustrated when her little brother Jacob asks her to watch cartoons with him. 

One day, while walking home from baseball practice with her friends, everyone except Sarah keeps praising a new cartoon series that seems to be appealing to kids and older audiences. When her friends ask Sarah if she has seen the show, Sarah politely says no and tells them that it's not her thing. The friends try to respect her viewpoint but they question how she can judge something without seeing it. 

As the friends are talking, a car comes speeding down the road and hits Sarah before she could fully avoid it unlike the rest of her friends who jumped in the bushes that weren't in the car's path. Sarah is then taken to the hospital where it's revealed that while she did survive, she has 2 broken ribs, a broken leg, and some brain damage that rendered certain parts of it unusable. To fix the brain, they use fully functional parts from a man who died of a heart attack 5 days ago. The surgeons work effortlessly to fix her brain as well as her ribs. 

When Sarah comes to, she sees her father and Jacob standing at the end of her bed in the post op ward and they ask how she is feeling. Sarah says she's okay but is surprised that she's still alive. She also wishes that her mom was there to comfort her. Sarah's father says that if were up to him, she wouldn't have gone overseas to get away from him.

As soon as Sarah gets home, she goes upstairs to her bedroom while using crutches and watches TV. While watching TV, she hears something coming from underneath her bed."

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