Hey guys it's Azu here and while I don't think Re-Animated is the worst movie ever, it could be a lot better. I love the idea of a kid having the ability to see cartoon characters but I don't like the execution. So that got me thinking. What if I rewrote the movie and made it better? 

Here are a few of my ideas: 

1. While it may have some comedy here or there, the rewrite will have a more serious tone than Re-Animated.

2. The main character doesn't like cartoons because her mother was an animator who divorced her father and headed overseas to further her career. Because of this, the main character finds it to be too painful to watch cartoons. 

3. The main character gets hit by a car while walking home from baseball practice and requires surgery to help fix the parts of her brain that the car had damaged. 

4. The main character starts to see cartoon characters after she gets home from the hospital. 

5. The cartoon characters try to help the main character enjoy cartoons again. 

Tell me what you think in the comments below!