Gender: Male
Species: Penguin
Eye color: Template:Color
First appearance: "Re-Animated"
Episode count: 20
Voiced by: Tom Kenny

Tux the Penguin is a comedian penguin who tells bad jokes but he has a great sense of humor.


Tux is a cartoon penguin that wears red glasses.

He has a slight lisp and carries around a microphone.


His cheesy catchprase is "Zing", which he says after every joke and several sentences. No one laughs at his jokes, and they are usually followed by silence, staring and booing. However, Tux continues to think that he is a riot. While doing the "I Love Tomorrow" musical number, he was dancing with his microphone. When they were in the Decappy-Rail, Tux made frequent puns about the weaponry in the train. (e.g. "Hey Jimmy! Look what I saw!" as a chainsaw came near him)



  • Tux also is known to have the same appearance as Wizzy from Toy Story 1 and 2 & Hubie from The Pebble & The Penguin.
  • He is a spoof to Donald duck & Daffy Duck.
  • His appearance is the same as Opus the Auk from the Bloom County Comic Strip.

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