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Sonny Alabaster Appleday is Milt Appleday's son and he's jealous that Jimmy got his dad's brain.

Quotes (Re-Animated) Edit

  • "The Brain is Mine!"
  • "You Have Green Skin.?"
  • "BRAIIIN!"
  • "for 300 years I Bing Scraching for The Brain Mittens,& Soon the World Will be Mine! (Laugh) ok 300 years of mine wll you Quite Picking Me?, the Point is Plan is to come to ruin him (Evilic Wicked Laughter)"
  • "(Laugh & Gasp) Who's There?"
  • "Wait Boy I Just Wanna Talk, Boy? Come back or aleast Slow Down"

Quotes (Re-Animated 2) Edit

  • "I'll Steal you Brain for Good"
  • "Perfect! Cartoon Ever He's Killer the Tasmanian Devil ALIVE (Evil Laugh)"
  • "I Have a Knife & I'm not Afraid of Use it!, For your Brain Jimmy!, Forever."

Quotes (Re-Animated 3) Edit

  • "Instand of Stealing Jimmy's Brain I'll Be Travel Tokyo, Japan."
  • "Yeppee!"
  • "I Love Ferd The Hedgehog in this Arcade! it's a Good idea to get Tokens for."

Defeats Edit

  • Re-Animated: He Stuck in Robbert Family's House forever.
  • Re-Animated 2:He's Arrest for Killing Jimmy's Head.
  • Re-Animated 3: He Enjoy Playing Ferd Arcade Games in Japan Instand of Steal Jimmy's brain at All.

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