Re-Animated World Tour Edit

Re-animated World Tour will be another upcoming Re-animated movie in another more than 5 years.

Plot Edit

This movie shows that a boy named Jimmy Roberts has been mistakenly taken on a trip to the Russian Federation by his alien sister Yancy to see the Russian Appleday characters such as Diesel Rellick (spoof of Niko Bellic from GTAIV) and Morphustav (spoof of Kratos from God of War series) in the Russian Gollyworld theme park for World War Indie.

Cast Edit

  • Jimmy Roberts - TBA
  • Ken Roberts - TBA
  • Sonny Appleday - TBA
  • Yancy Roberts - TBA
  • Golly Gopher - Roger Craig Smith
  • Dolly Gopher - Grey DeLisle
  • Crocco the Alligator - Rob Paulsen
  • Tux the Penguin - Tom kenny
  • Golly Jr. Gopher - Charles Adler
  • Ferd the Hedgehog - Roger Craig Smith
  • Diesel Rellick - Vladimir Agrunov
  • Morphustav - S. Scott Bullock

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