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Golly Gopher
Gender: Male
Species: Gopher
Eye color: Template:Color
Family: Dolly Gopher (Girlfriend, Wife), Golly Jr. Gopher (son)
First appearance: "Re-Animated"
Voiced by: Paul Reubens (Re-Animated), Carlos Alazraqui (Out of Jimmy's Head), Keith Ferguson (Re-Animated 2 and so on)

Golly Gopher is one of Milt Appleday's iconic cartoon characters. He is the confident leader and mascot of the fictional animation company Appleday Studios.


Golly is a cartoon gopher. He wears a blue shirt with yellow stripes. white gloves, has a black nose and has two buck-teeth.He First Appears At the beginning of the movie Re-Animated On The TV screen On a cartoon starring Golly Gopher Himself

Personality Edit

Golly has been shown to be the charming, humorous, fun-loving, and energetic hero out of the group of toons. However, from Jimmy's perspective, he's really a manipulative egomaniac and narcissist who has little to no empathy for others. For example, he uses Jimmy in order to become a star again once Jimmy becomes immensely popular.

Trivia Edit

  • Golly is a spoof of Mickey Mouse & Bugs Bunny.
  • Golly & Mickey are both anthropomorphic animated Rodents.
  • Golly's Buck Teeth resemble Bug bunny's teeth.
  • Golly's voice was done by Paul Reubens in Re-Animated, Carlos Alazraqui in Out of Jimmy's Head, and so on (Including the Color-World Series), and will be done by Keith Ferguson in Re-Animated 2.

Gallery Edit

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