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Ferd is a Japanese animated Appleday character who will be featured in the upcoming film, Re-Animated 2. Is not real
Ferd (JPEG)

Appearance stop this Edit

Ferd is a hedgehog that has orange fur and 5 quills (3 on his head and 2 on his back.) He also has a beige muzzle and belly. He has small black eyes and a big black nose. He wears black running shoes with a white stripe running horizontally in the middle of the shoes. He wears white gloves that are usually seen being worn by train conductors in Japan.

Personality stop the lies Edit

Ferd claims to be an easy going character that is prone to losing his temper. However, he is shown to only have patience for the people and ideas that deserve it. FGHTGVHHTDDGG

Trivia Edit

  • He's spoof of Sonic The Hedgehog. Rip off
  • His voice will be done by Roger Craig Smith there no 2 or 3

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